What is Cryptovoxels? Explained!


If you’re familiar with the term „Metaverse“, you may have heard about Cryptovoxels. But, what actually is Cryptovoxels, why are they so popular in the metaverse, how do they work, and what can you do with them? If you have all these questions, you’ve come to the right place to find the answers.

What is Cryptovoxels?


Cryptovoxels is a Metaverse (Virtual Reality World)  in which you can purchase land and build constructions. 

It was launched in June 2018 and has steadily evolved and integrated additional features since then, boosting its significance in the Metaverse. It consists of over 5.500 land parcels that can be purchased with Ethereum (ETH).

It is basically a three-dimensional virtual world built on the popular Ethereum blockchain network. One of the attributes that makes it unique is the fact that it is the smallest virtual blockchain planet in terms of land size.

Who created Cryptovoxels?

The creator and founder of Cryptovoxels is Ben Nolan (Nolan Consulting, an independent game developer based in Wellington, New Zealand) who made its first sale in June 2018. While it is one of the most basic metaverses available it has quickly become one of the very popular ones.

How do you play Cryptovoxels?


The ease with which you can start the world directly from your web browser makes it one of the best metaverse experiences for newcomers, who want to experience the metaverse. We can definitely recommend giving it a try. (You don’t even need to create an account, just dive in and have a try) No download of any plugin or software is needed. Furthermore, the concept and ideas are very similar to those of Minecraft, making the controls very simple to master with a mouse and keyboard. 

You can access it within your web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc… To provide a high-speed rendering within the web browser Cryptovoxels employs Babylon.js 

While you do not need a wallet to begin using and playing Cryptovoxels, you maybe want one if you wish to purchase land or wearables. The compatibility of popular VR Headsets like Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and HTC Vive makes it also a unique experience.

Does Cryptovoxels have a token?

Cryptovoxels has a Cryptovoxels Parcel Token (CVPA) based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. Each of these tokens represents a plot of land in Origin City, and they are all unique.

Does Cryptovoxels have a coin?

Cryptovoxels used to have an in-world coin named “COLR” which was once utilized by Cryptovoxels to allow users to add numerous colors to their creations. That was discontinued in June 2020. COLR is no longer required to access any of the game’s features.

How do you make money on Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels how do you make money - NFT-Digital-Art-com

Making money in Cryptovoxels is similar to making money in the real world (outside of the virtual world/metaverse) with real estate. You are free to develop whatever you want on land. You are limited only by your skills and imagination. After you’ve created your land, you can start generating money off it. You have then the option of selling or renting it. You can also include audio, video, or images on the property parcel. If bidders are interested in your parcel, you can also make money and profit by auctioning it.

Users may acquire a piece of the land by purchasing rare Land NFTs which gives you the freedom to change and use it for whatever you see appropriate. The key advantages of owning decentralized land like this are resilience to censorship and the lack of geographical limits.

Owners of land NFTs (in this case parcels) have authority over their purchased parcel inside the virtual environment/Metaverse.

How do you buy land (parcels) on Cryptovoxels?

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You can purchase land in Cryptovoxels at OpenSea, the current world’s largest NFT marketplace. You can also see parcels that are up for sale directly at Cryptovoxels. If you have Ethereum in your wallet, the process of buying parcels at OpenSea is quite easy and straightforward. Cryptovoxels has a guide to help you through the steps of buying parcels.

Cryptovoxels Vs Decentraland

Decentraland and Cryptovoxels are both Ethereum-based and user-owned platforms in a virtual world (Metaverse). Both enable you to build and monetize on three-dimensional space. Users in both Metaverse alternatives can meet friends, just roam around like in real life or if you have your own NFTs can easily showcase them. If you don’t own NFTs you can also just see other NFT collections. Art galleries, nightclubs, event spaces, and other attractions are being offered at both.

One key difference is that Decentraland is only offering a limited number of individuals the ability to create virtual clothing. People can build Decentraland Wearables by proposals that must be voted and approved by the community. (To vote on ideas and/or modifications it’s necessary to have Decentraland’s native cryptocurrency, MANA)

In Cryptovoxels users can develop and create their own wearable designs without the need for a vote or a native cryptocurrency.

If you have never experienced the Metaverse and still are not sure what it is and how it works, Cryptovoxels is probably the easiest way to get started.

Cryptovoxels official website https://www.cryptovoxels.com/

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Cryptovoxels at OpenSea https://opensea.io/assets/cryptovoxels

Cryptovoxels Roadmap https://trello.com/b/0eMw7Y5p/cryptovoxels-roadmap-2022

Cryptovoxels official Twitter twitter.com/cryptovoxels

Cryptovoxels official Discord https://discord.gg/Bv68xT4