Are Polygon Punks the best NFT to buy in 2022?


The first time the name Crypto Punks gained attention and mass popularity was when they were sold in the NFT market for millions. For people that were not aware of what the industry was about and wondering why it continuously broke records, it was a surprise. But for many Crypto enthusiasts, it is clear that the creation by Larva Labs that is based on the Ethereum blockchain was only the beginning in the NFT space. 

Now that was already 5 years ago. (in 2017) Crypto Punks and the NFT marketplace have gone a long way since then. These popular NFTs are now making a regular appearance in the TOP 10 LIST OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE NFT SOLD. We will explain what PolygonPunks are, what makes them special, how to buy them and if you should buy them.

The crypto world and anyone who observed the Crypto Punk NFT movement knows that this space is never boring and that after a price correction often comes the continued move up. There is always something that can skyrocket “To the moon”. (A term that anyone who has been long enough in the NFT marketplace knows how to call something that is skyrocketing in value) Everyone who was not taken to the moon already will potentially get their chance. Many who have not made a great amount of profit might see their chance now at these lower discounted prices.

Despite the recent price correction in the Crypto Space, polygonpunks community is convinced that the popular and trending NFT collection is one of the best NFT projects to buy in 2022.

For many, these Polygonpunks are now ranging at an affordable price to purchase NFT’s. That’s what could make it a great buying opportunity. “Buying the dip” As Cryptonians call a drop in price for the chance of making a profit. Of course, there is never a guarantee that a highly speculative digital asset will rise in value, and crypto projects absolutely can go to zero. You have to be aware and accept the risk to lose the money that you have put in but buying NFT at a discounted price is for some risk takers and traders a very profitable strategy.

What are PolygonPunks?

PolygonPunks are unique-looking avatars in form of NFTs on the Polygon Matic Blockchain, that can be traded and collected.

What makes polygon punks so special?

The limited collection of 10.000 punks was already minted in August 2021 as the 1st Cryptopunks on the polygon matic network and each one has unique attributes defined by a rarity system. 

It is widely known that Polygon matic network is far better scalable than most of the other blockchain technologies and supporters see this as a great way to show your support for the community! If you know about the lower transaction fees and faster transaction times (up to 65.000 transactions per second) compared to other networks, you know that it’s currently one of the fastest in crypto.

Ho to buy “Crypo Punks” on Polygon?

The process to buy the Crypto Punks NFT on the Polygon Matic Network is easy and straightforward. The first step requires having Polygon ETH in your wallet. The next step is bridging your wallet to Polygon and converting them. Once you completed the steps it is about choosing the specific NFT you want to buy.

Here you can find detailed steps on how to purchase NFTs on Polygon with OpenSea

So should you buy “Crypto Punks on Polygon” ?

We do not give financial advice and recommend to DYOR (Do your own research)

If history serves as a reminder or even an indicator for what the future might bring, it sure seems like it’s just a matter of time until the list of the most expensive NFT needs to be updated again. But which NFT will get on to that list? We shall see. Given the market sentiment and lower prices in the marketplace right now…

The punks in the polygon nft marketplace are surely something to watch out for in 2022.