Are inBetweeners the best NFT to buy in 2022?

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The term “nonfungible token” has become a well-known one across the globe. As reported by, sales of NFTs have increased by more than 21,000 percent to more than $17.6 billion in 2021, up from $82 million a year earlier.

Nadya Ivanova, COO and foresight lead at L’Atelier BNP Paribas (a French international banking group) expects the NFT market to continue to be unpredictable, she also believes that

“The best initiatives will be able to develop in terms of technology, social impact, and economic viability by 2022.”

And, of course, discussing NFT projects leads us to another NFT project on the rise. The project we want to take a closer look at is known as inBetweeners.”

What are inBetweeners NFT?


InBetweeners are a collection of rare NFT pieces created by Gianpiero D’Alessandro. It contains 10,777 hand-drawn characters, each of which is 1 of 1 based on a randomized combination of over 175+ qualities of various rarity. The characteristics of the collection have been developed based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Inbetweeners NFT creatures are unique in their appearance due to their individual spectacles, different type of clothes, accessories, or masks. There’s even a Batman Bear, Dexter Bear, and plenty of others. These inBetweeners NFTs are intended to convey happiness in real life and love among the people to create a healthy community. They are a worldwide crowdsourcing community dedicated to the promotion of love and optimism.

What makes inBetweeners NFT special?


One of the reasons why these inBetweener NFT are so special is that they are hand-drawn by its creator, Gian Piero, who is a world-renowned artist whose work has been sought after by Snoop Dog, Netflix, Levis, Bel Aire Rose, and others. Working on such famous projects allows you to get a glimpse of the creator’s ability as well as the collection’s future. This inherent skill combines hand sketching components with animation to bring them to life.

Another specialty of the project is that it is supported by some of the most famous names, such as Justin Bieber. As a result of this collaboration the collection received an incredible boost, and several Hollywood celebrities, such as Tom Holland (Spiderman), and J. Balvin, (a singer who is currently at the top of the Spotify charts), already expressed interest in purchasing one of the inBetweeners teddy bears in NFT format.

According to inBetweeners by GianPiero NFTs reached total sales of $200.8k in sales volume with a price of $1.1k on the market. (as of May 2022)

Are InBetweeners NFT the best NFT to buy in 2022?

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For those interested in investing in NFTs, inbetweeners NFT are a great option to consider in 2022. Several additional benefits, such as discounted tickets to IRL concerts or events, access to their holder-only discord channels, governance in the Community Wallet, as well as the underlying IP and copyright for each inBetweener that you purchase or receive are some big extras that come with the purchase.

Plus the number of celebrities who are supporting the collection is rapidly expanding, which can provide the NFT project with a significant boost and attention in the future.

How to buy inBetweeners NFT?

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InBetweeners NFT can be bought at multiple NFT marketplaces that are auctioning the collection. Currently, inBetweeners NFT collection are available to purchase at open sea, as well as through the and LooksRare marketplaces. The only thing you’ll need to complete the purchase is a MetaMask wallet, with enough Ether to pay for the NFT. If you don’t have Ethereum (ETH), you can easily buy it on any cryptocurrency exchange and just transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.

Should you buy inBetweeners NFT?

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Well, that is hard to answer. From a financial standpoint (we don’t give financial advice and recommend to DYOR) BUT based on our research and closer look at the project we can at least say that it has made a statement, that is based on a strong groundwork.

The project inBetweeners NFT has a humanitarian message to share and is creating a community for NFT enthusiasts using metaverse technology.

Gianpiero uses his platform to demonstrate his abilities and to work towards the establishment of a strong network of good-hearted individuals with inBetweeners NFT.

Support from big names in the industry and pop culture like Justin Bieber and John Shahidi indicates that it is clearly aiming to be one of the most significant NFT projects available for the year 2022.

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