Everything we know about Pranksy! Revealed!

Everything we know about Pranksy
Courtesy of Pranksy

People have a natural fascination and admiration with wealthy and successful individuals. Some may even call it an obsession. The fact that it is often very little that we know about them makes it even more of a mystery associated with them. We are interested in how they are living, what they are thinking, and how they became so successful. This desire to get to know more about them might also be triggered because we would like to get a glimpse of their thought process and learn from them.

In the NFT space, the mystery gets even bigger. There is this temptation to want to know more about them, especially because we can see what they bought when they bought something and for how much. Most of the time one of the few things we know are only their aliases or user handles they go by. Based on our research we reveal everything we know about Pranksy, the myth, the legend, and the person behind the name.

In this case, what we are certain about is behind the public and well-known name of Pranksy is a crypto whale and passionate nft collector. Another fact that we know is that Pranksy is one of the leaders in the NFT market in terms of profitability. And therefore one of the NFT whales that are being watched closely by many Crypto Enthusiasts and his followers.

Who is pranksy?

According to our research and an interview he gave in 2021 he is a 29 year old married man with 2 kids, working a regular job as a game developer who is based in UK and at the same time holding one of the largest NFT collections in the world. If you thought MetaKovan (the buyer of Beeple’s “first 500 days” for almost 70 million dollars) is the only big collector who is now worth millions because of this industry. You are wrong! The circle of people that are at the top of the chain is very small but they sure are very knowledgeable, passionate, and extremely successful in this space.

His journey from taking only six hundred dollars in 2017 to a fortune (many of us can only dream of us) is not only inspiring but also admirable. His support for the Blue Dragons Children foundation with purchasing an NFT #YouWillNeverBeAlone is showing that he not only made good decisions that resulted in large sums of profit but also that he is using his success to be charitable and is sharing his wealth with the less fortunate. Blue Dragon Children’s foundation is supporting children in crisis and with Pranksy making news around the NFT world, he is also making sure to support and use his voice to promote a good cause.


On his website Pranksy states that he is a Founder of the business NFTBOXES Ltd and is working with NFT artists.

Having a preference for spicy Mexican cuisine (Enchiladas) and enjoying the sight of the Thames gives us the impression that he is just a regular person. A regular person that is an OG nft collector and one of the biggest contributors to the NFT and Crypto adoption who is regularly making headlines with his purchases and endeavors.

Pranksy net worth

Dappradar estimates his current Net worth of over 20 Million US Dollars. (As of Market Evaluation in March 2022) If that is already a mind-blowing fact maybe the next one will be even more unbelievable. Cointelegraph estimated in January 2021 his wallet to have a value of HALF A BILLION US DOLLARS!


That is a lot of ZEROS! Remembering that he started with around six hundred dollars, Pranksy definitely made things right and a big impact not only in the NFT scene but also a positive contribution globally.

Probably by now, you will have an understanding of why these elite and hugely successful people are fascinating and admirable.

Pranksy’s public accounts

Pranksy Twitter account https://twitter.com/pranksy

Pranksy Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/pranksynft

Pranksy Website https://www.nftboxes.io/

Pranksy OpenSea account https://opensea.io/Pranksy

Pranksy Rarible account https://rarible.com/pranksy/sale

Pranksy NBA Top Shot account https://nbatopshot.com/user/@Pranked

Pranksy Ethereum Wallet Address ttps://etherscan.io/address/0xd387a6e4e84a6c86bd90c158c6028a58cc8ac459