Are Clash of Dragonz the best NFT to buy in 2022?


There was a time before the rise of animals in the NFT space. Some may remember the uber-popular Tamagotchi’s. If you didn’t have them there was at least someone you know who had them and treated them like real pets. But that craze started in the ’90s and the digital version of a pet changed and evolved a lot since then. Now we have a variety of digital pets. Especially in the NFT industry. There are apes, dogs, bears, crocodiles, and a whole lot of other creatures in the NFT marketplace. Now we have “Dragonz”

What are Dragonz from Clash of Dragonz?

These “Dragonz” are dragon-like NFT creatures that are based on the Ethereum Blockchain and evolve from an egg that will be uniquely generated from over 600 hand-drawn traits and can be used to play in the metaverse, trade on OPenSea, and earn royalties.

What makes Clash of Dragonz so special?

The NFT project is limited to 7777 unique “Dragonz” characters that can be collected, and each one is distinctively designed with over 600 different features. There are 5 different “Dragonz” families and each family has its own strengths and weaknesses which are key elements for the Play-to-Earn game. Then there are 12 iconic “Dragonz” that are iconic and don’t belong to any family but have special powers that can be used to play in the game. They also have royalties of 5% that you can earn.

How to buy “Dragonz” from Clash of Dragonz?

If you want to have your own “Dragonz” you have to mint them and it will start as an EGG that will evolve into your own unique Dragonz. If you want to buy or trade already minted “Dragonz” you can do so on OpenSea. Keep in mind, since they are based on the Ethereum Blockchain you need to have Ethereum in your wallet to buy them. You can then place a bid or buy them for a fixed price. OpenSea has a detailed guide on how to buy NFTs here

So should you buy “Clash of Dragonz” ?

As always we recommend to DYOR (Do your own research) and educating yourself before purchasing an NFT. There is always the risk of losing the money that you’ve put in. But…

If you want to have your own “Dragonz” as your pet that evolves from an egg and view it as a game it might be something worth considering. We surely will keep an eye open on how they evolve over time.


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